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Week 48 Dashboard

04/12/2023 - 10/12/2023 (updated end of every week)

Headline News

  • China has started operating world's first 'fourth generation' nuclear reactor, with the state aiming to install between another six and eight a year

  • Spotify has decided to cut 1500 jobs, admitting that they hired too many employees in 2020 when they took advantage of 'lower-cost capital'

  • Nvidia revenues triple in latest quarter following surge in demand for AI chips from likes of Amazon and Microsoft

  • Price of bitcoin surges past $44,000, its highest level in 20 months, following speculation by investors that the central banks will cut interest rates next year

  • British American Tobacco said it would take an impairment charge of £25bn as it aims to get half its revenue from smokeless products by 2035

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